The FBI’s Heart of Darkness

Our military and federal law enforcement structures are rotten. The culture of the armed forces has been corrupted by subversive campaigns to degrade our ability to confront, deter, and destroy the adversary — particularly the Chinese. 

COVID mandates were designed to cull those who aren’t automatons. Liberal, compromised politicians have waged a psyops war to demoralize our troops by foisting humiliation (i.e. the Afghanistan “withdrawal” debacle) and confusion (the LGBT identity psychosis) on our military men and women. It’s a rust that erodes the chain of command and oxidizes discipline and good order. The culture of the armed forces has been corrupted just like the culture at the FBI — by the same people. In many respects, the FBI is a paramilitary organization. It shares a deference to chain of command like the military. And, it’s a massive bureaucracy staffed by cumbersome layers of management. It’s a top down organization just like the military.“Defund the FBI,” has become a fashionable trope. But …

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