The FBI Could Have Just Knocked

Posted: Aug 11, 2022 12:01 AM

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The raid of Donald Trump’s home in Florida was a shock in that it’s not often your enemies expose themselves as exactly what you always knew them to be. “No one is above the law” leftists cried, while continuing to talk about how “the walls are closing in” on the former president. Those walls have to be a continent apart because they’ve been “closing in” for six years and aren’t anywhere close to catching anyone. There is, however, one bit of truth no one in the Democrat establishment seems to have noticed or care about: the FBI could have simply knocked.Democrats run around the country and cable news screaming about whatever it is any Republican is doing or saying is a “threat to democracy!” Meanwhile, the true threat to democracy is a political party that denounces everything and every institution as a “threat to democracy” only when they don’t control it. That’s exactly what Democrats do. Fox News? Threat to democracy. The Supreme Court? Threat to democracy. Parents at school board meetings not wanting their kids indoctrinated and groomed? Obvious threat to democracy and terrorism. Declaring the 2020 election to be suspicious? You might as we …

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