“Biden was set up to fail”?

When a Republican president fails or appears to do so, the media focuses its coverage entirely on incompetence, overreach, and extremism. When a Democratic president stumbles, suddenly the job becomes “impossible.” We saw this during the Barack Obama administration, especially after the 2010 midterms gave control of the House to the GOP.The Economist sees the need to come to Biden’s rescue a little more quickly than that:
Have any voters demanded more of their leaders than modern Americans? The thought occurred to your columnist while listening to a group of eight Georgians, Ohioans and Pennsylvanians, all aged under 30 and college-educated, opine on President Joe Biden this week. It was not pretty.
Ahem. Who set those expectations in the first place? Joe Biden campaigned in 2020 promising to “shut down the virus, not the economy,” and by claiming to champion the center against the extremes. He pledged to restore civility in Washington. Instead, we found Bi …

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