The Downward Spiral of Disgraceful Misconduct

When John Quincy Adams was informed by a committee that he was elected president by the House of Representatives, for the first and only time through the procedure set by the 12th Amendment of the Constitution, he responded in writing. “The answer was not very gracious,” writes historian George Dangerfield. “If it were possible, wrote Mr. Adams, by declining the office to cause an immediate election that would bring about a clearer result, he would gladly do so. But since this was not Constitutionally permissible, he accepted the Presidency.”

The 45th president evidently takes a different view than the sixth president of what is politically appropriate and constitutionally permissible. Last weekend, on his proprietary Truth Social website, Donald Trump wrote, “So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and de …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: