‘The Cat and the Canary: Masters of Cinema Edition’ Blu-ray movie review

The groundbreaking supernatural silent comedy that helped shape Universal Pictures’ gothic horror style debuts in Blu-ray format ready for film historians to relish in The Cat and the Canary: Masters of Cinema Edition (Eureka Entertainment, not rated, 86 minutes, 1.33:1 aspect ratio, $39.95).
German Expressionism director Paul Leni (“The Man Who Laughs”) offered audiences a visual treat back in 1927 when he adapted John Willard’s 1922 stage production about rich old Cyrus West dying in his Xanadu-sized Gothic mansion and leaving instructions that his will be read 20 years later.

That fateful night arrives and lawyer Roger Crosby (Tully Marshall) returns to the mansion to read the will to nephews Harry Blythe (Arthur Edmund Carewe), Char …

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