Texas School District Drops Radical Sex Ed Curriculum After Parents See What’s Inside

Parents have scored another victory in the fight against sexually explicit sexual education curriculums, this time in the Fort Worth Independent School District.
On January 27, the district superintendent, Angélica Ramsey, notified parents that after backlash to a proposed sex ed curriculum in the spring, that there would not be “an approved, adopted, or recommended Human Sexuality Curriculum for the 2022–2023 school year.”
The issue began last year, when according to a report from The Epoch Times, “Fort Worth ISD approved the $2.6 million purchase of digital-only instructional materials from HealthSmart, a California-based company,” whom the district had been contracting with since 2014.
According to an investigation by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, parents were in an uproar when it was discovered that the new sex ed curriculum would be teaching gender ideology and progressive sexual narratives such as gender fluidity, as well as the removal “male” and “female” when referring to physiological terms in the learning material.

After months of protests and petitions we finally got the radical Sex Ed Healthsmart curriculum to be dropped! Thank you t …

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