Taylor Swift Has Malfunction During Concert, Tells Fans to ‘Talk Amongst Yourselves’ as She Gets Immediate Help

An incident at a Sunday concert led to media outlets heaping praise on Taylor Swift for being able to dress herself with only minimal assistance.
Billboard gushed that she “expertly handled a wardrobe malfunction.”
Newsweek affirmed that she “handled the hiccup gracefully.”

While not to be outdone in glorifying the czarina of pop, People said, she “handles it like a boss (of course).”
So what’s the fuss?

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On Sunday, before a few thousand of her fans at a Stockholm venue, Swift strode to the mic and told the crowd “Just talk amongst yourselves,” Billboard noted.
That bit of business over, it was a quick dash to the comparative privacy of the piano, where her blue wrap skirt was unwrapped — allowing multiple outlets to note the color of the gold bra underneath — and Swift fiddled with something that was not quite visible.

As the process continued, a member of the road crew emerged. Final adjustments were made — which Billboard and People suggested involved her microphone pack — and then it was a big kick and a head-back laugh from Swift and on with the show.
Swift posted on Instagram that the Stockholm shows were record-breaking successes.

Do you thin …

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