‘Take Back Title IX’ tour bus vandalized with ‘anti-women,’ pro-transgender graffiti

Pro-transgender vandals defaced the Our Bodies, Our Sports coalition’s “Take Back Title IX” tour bus during a stop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, covering the vehicle with profanity and crossing out messages such as “Save Women’s Sports.”
The bus was discovered early Friday egged and scribbled with Sharpie-written graffiti such as “Trans Women are Women,” “Protect Trans Kids,” “Hate Group,” and “Bigots on Board,” as shown in photos shared by the Independent Women’s Forum.

Posted near the bus was a cardboard sign that said “Transphobic Bus” and a pink-blue-and-white transgender flag. The bus was also egged, according to the IWF.

“It was an overnight attack. It was sneaky,” said Brianna Howard, IWF external relations manager, told The Washington Times. “They didn’t have the decency to show up to the event and talk to us face to face. Instead, they di …

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