“Racial Equity” Czar: Whites Lack ‘Humility, Empathy”

A 2020 podcast episode with Desirée Cormier Smith resurfaced after the U.S. State Department appointed her on Friday to serve as the Special Representative for Racial Justice and Equity for the department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor last week. During the podcast episode, Smith accused many white U.S. Foreign Service employees of lacking “humility” and even of being overly “protective” of the U.S. In an Oct. 24 interview on the “Black Diplomats” podcast Smith joined podcast host Terrell J. Starr and fellow guest Travis Adkins for an episode titled “Trump’s White Supremacist Foreign Policy.” The episode description reads, “What does having a White Supremacist in Chief mean for American relations with the countries in Africa?” and states that the trio “also discuss the advantages of diversity in the diplomatic corps from an insiders perspective, and what it’s going to take to repair the damage done by Tump’s shallow posturing.” During the interview, Smith said it is important for the State Department to hire more non-white employees. “Not only is it important to have that perspective because we see the weaknesses of America and the myriad ways that America falls …

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