Stacey Abrams Flip Flops on Defund the Police

Other than Joe Biden, who tried for more than 32 years to become president of the United States before finally achieving his goal, I am unaware of a less qualified political candidate in America who more wants to win than Stacey Abrams, who desperately wants to become the next governor of Georgia.“Again,” in her delusional mind.
Abrams, who failed in her 2018 gubernatorial election bid when she lost to Republican Brian Kemp not only failed to concede; on the contrary, she still insists she won. (I can think of two politicians with the same affliction in the last six years, but that would be digressing.)
Abrams’s 2018 loss to Kemp was close — and now, having won their respective primaries, the 2022 rematch promises more of the same; Kemp held a five-point margin in a late May Real Clear Politics poll.
Needless to say, the gloves are already off, on both sides.
Kemp, on Wednesday, released a blistering campaign ad in which he included video of Abrams, “in her own words,” agreeing in principle with defunding America’s police departments.
In her own words, Stacey Abrams said she would DEFUND the police! Abrams’ soft-on-crime policies are dangerous for Georgia.
As Governor, I will continue to fight to give our law enforcement the resources they need to keep Georgia families safe.
Abrams was coaxed into the admission by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota …

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