Think It’s Bad Under Biden? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Thursday marks 519 days since Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States. That’s 519 days of reckless spending, thoughtless money-printing, Democrats in disarray, vaccine mandates, Americans abandoned in Afghanistan, billions thrown at Ukraine, open-border chaos, a fake White House set, skyrocketing crime, doubling gas prices, runaway inflation, and more gaffes than can be counted. But Biden’s just getting started. Heck, we’re not even to the halfway point of his first term — assuming he serves the full term to which he was elected. Sure, Republicans are favored to ride a red wave in November to flip blue seats, theoretically enough to regain control of one or both chambers of Congress. That’s a good thing, if the predictions hold, because it means there’s less of a chance that Biden’s agenda will see further progress, and GOP majorities could provide important scrutiny through oversight of the Biden administration’s actions. That said, recent developments from some Republicans in the U.S. Senat …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: