Speaker’s Race Should Be Proxy Fight Over Rules Changes

Congress is broken. The Speaker’s race is an opportunity for conservatives to change the rules in a way that will solve some of the problems plaguing Congress. It is time to restore a degree of trust with the American people. The speaker’s race should become a proxy battle over changes to the institution that disperse power in a way that allows members of both parties to participate in the legislative process.

There is a band of brothers in the House who are waging a war on leadership to impose some rules and changes. The House Freedom Caucus has listed some excellent reforms that will restore the people’s voice in Congress. It seems like a simple ask to make it a condition precedent to voting for Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R‑CA) as the next Speaker of the House to adopt these changes. If the rules were improved to allow rank-and-file members to sufficiently participate in the legislative process, there would be no need for a battle for the Speaker’s gavel in the next Congress.The bottom line is that both parties have dropped the ball when it comes to governing. The polls show that the American people have zero tru …

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