Some Election Denialism Is Acceptable, ‘Brandon’ Still Angers the Press, and ‘LantinX’ Is Already Muerto

“Riffed from the Headlines” is Townhall’s daily VIP feature with coverage of the deeply flawed aspects of journalism in the nation. We’ll look to bring accountability to the mishaps, malaprops, misdeeds, manipulations, malpractice, and manufactured narratives in mainstream media.Yes, yes – we know the country already has a vested history with fascism, but the US media have been rather obsessed with the concept. So, of course, when Georgia Meloni, a staunch conservative, gets elected to be Italy’s prime minister, the bulk of the media leap to declare she is the most fascist leader since Mussolini. To grasp how desperate this lurch is, note the inability of any major outlet to lead with the fact that she is that country’s first female PM, something that is automatic when it is anyone other than a conservative. Giorgia Meloni set to be Italy’s first female prime minister and leader of its most right-wing government since World War II, exit polls suggest.— CNN (@CNN) September 25, 2022Voters in Italy appear …

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The current U.S. national debt: