Sen. Hawley Catches Biden’s National Archives Nominee Calling GOP “Stupid”

On Wednesday, the Senate held a confirmation hearing for Dr. Colleen Shogan, President Biden’s nominee to lead the National Archives.During the hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri grilled Shogan over a paper she had written in 2007, titled Anti-Intellectualism in the Modern Presidency: A Republican Populism, which described the tactic of anti-intellectualism and its use by Republican presidents over the years.Hawley began by noting that in the paper, Shogan wrote that recent Republican presidents had adopted anti-intellectualism to “combat allegations of elitism.“Shogan defined the term as “the ability to speak in very plain, common-sense terms to Americans.“In her paper, however, the Yale graduate described it as “the attainment of knowledge through instincts, character, moral sensibilities, and emotions,” adding that one who displays such qualities “disparages the rational complexity associated with intellectual pursuits.“Sho …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: