Save Right Whales From Radical Environmentalists Who Exploit Them

Americans agree with protecting the endangered Northern Atlantic right whale. But true conservation efforts don’t necessitate displacing lobstermen and recreational anglers in the process.With fewer than 350 whales left, ambulance-chasing opportunists masquerading as conservationists conveniently swoop in on the whale’s behalf only to leave economic —and environmental—destruction in their paths. This endangered whale requires protection from radical environmentalists who exploit them. Last month, American lobster was added to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch’s “red list” of food to avoid. It claimed the East Coast fishery “poses a risk to overfished or at-risk species” to right whales and added gear entanglement “is the leading cause of serious injury and death to North Atlantic right whales.”Preservationists purporting to care about its well-being, however, distort the threats posed to the whales.Regarding lobster gear entanglements, alarmists have deceived the public about the lobster industry’s impact on the marine mammal. Much to the chagrin of Seafood Watch, evidence shows gear entanglements aren’t solely to blame for the whale’s imperiled status. A former legislator touted the Maine Lobstermen’s Association’s commitment to conservation in Bangor Daily News, explaining, “Maine has not only been a good steward of the lobster resource but a leader in North Atlantic right whale conservation effor …

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