SF School Returns to Merit-Based Admissions

In San Francisco, Lowell High School has long been known as one of the most successful schools in the state, if not the nation. It produced a generation of gifted and talented students who were sought after by the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities. The school used a merit-based admissions process, selecting applicants who showed the most promise. Or at least they did until a couple of years ago when the social justice warriors on the school board scrapped the merit-based process and replaced it with a lottery system to be more “fair.” As we recently discussed, the failure rate at the school went through the roof, to the surprise of almost nobody.People clearly noticed and the school board must have gotten an earful. This week, the board voted to rescind the policy and return to the merit-based admission policy. This will likely come as a relief to many parents of children hoping to excel, but at least two classes of students will have had their hopes diminished. Will the school’s reputation recover to once again be what it was in the past? (National Review)
The San Francisco school board voted 4–3 Wednesday night to return Lowell High School to a meri …

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