GOP Not Gerrymandering Enough

Okay, this is getting stupid, and more than the usual stupid. The GOP is, as usual, failing to sack-up and take the fight to the Democrats. Those saps always whine about the voters pushing anti-establishment candidates in primaries, and this is exactly why. It’s time to divide up congressional districts. Where Democrats can, they are gutting the GOP. That’s how it’s done. But too often, the GOP is offering a limp, clammy hand across the aisle where it should be throwing a fist in a right cross.Oregon is now 5–1 Democrat. In California, several GOP seats are gone because the “independent” commission is run by Democrats. In New York, it’s 23–3 Dems. The Illinois map looks like a bad acid trip – the only good thing about it is Adam Kinzinger’s new friends hung him up by his Fruit-of‑t …

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