Report: In Crime-Ridden LA, DA Sits on Over 15,000 Unfiled Cases

California continues to fall victim to the left’s nonsensical vision of a utopia.
The Center Square reported Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has piled up over 15,000 unfiled criminal cases.
Former federal prosecutor Nathan Hochman plans to run against Gascon in November and gave his version of the situation: “Murders in LA are increasing while falling throughout the country, robberies are up significantly,” he told the outlet. “Gun violence is a huge problem in LA and not charging gun enhancements, and not prosecuting juvenile gun murderers is the wrong policy.”

Hochman continued, saying, “There is now reportedly a backlog of 15,000 unfiled cases that are gathering dust because prosecuting crime is not a priority to Gascon.”
The numbers speak to the danger Hochman has seen.

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