Red Future

The GOP needs to get into the heart of America’s big cities and build its base and its future.We’ve all seen it: a basketball steal, the player has no one between him and the net, he goes up for a tomahawk dunk, and the ball hits the back of the rim and goes flying out toward mid-court. That would appear to be a reasonable analogy to what just happened in the national elections held last Tuesday. The Republicans had everything in their favor:

*70% of the electorate is not happy with the current president or the direction of the country, and a majority of Democrats do not want President Biden to run again in 2024;*Inflation, high gas prices, rising crime, a completely open border, over-the-top Covid policies, and sexualized education are all subjects in the headlines and favor Republicans over Democrats with all but the most left-leaning voters; and, …

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U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:
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