Russia stages war games near US coast…

RUSSIA’S armed forces have staged massive wargames near the US coast involving nuclear submarines.In the chilling of show of force, missiles were pictured being fired in the drills close to the American state of Alaska, as Vladimir Putin’s forces suffered a humiliating set-back in the Ukraine war.
3A Russian submarine taking part in the drills off AlaskaCredit: Newsflash
3Missiles were fired at targets out to seaCredit: Newsflash
Around 30 warships took part in exercises in the Barents and Laptev seas, an area where Russia has stationed substantial military assets.
Granit and Oniks missiles were seen being launched from the Northern Sea Route, a strategic passage for shipping connecting Europe and the Pacific.
The Russian defence ministry said the missiles “hit a complex sea target, imitating a detachment of warships of a mock enemy, at a distance of over four hundred kilometres”.
Fears have recently been raised that Russia has “significantly increased” its military presence in the Arctic, with the murderous dictator looking to control trade routes and natural resources there.

Putin has re-opened Bond-villain style military bases deep inside the Arctic Circle to reinforce his grip of the resource rich frozen wastelands.
It comes as Russia has warned the United States it will be dragged into a war by arming Ukraine with better long-range missiles.
“The United States and its allies, who supply weapons to the Kyiv regime, are actually becoming accomplices in its war crimes,” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.
“If Washington decides to supply Kyiv with longer-range missiles, it will cross the red line and become a direct party to the conflict.
“We reserve the right to defend our territory with all available to us.”
The warning was delivered as Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping met on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in Uzbekistan.
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It was their first face-to-face meeting since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.
The latest drills come after Russian and China launched enormous war games with 50,000 troops, 60 warships and 140 planes earlier this month.
The Russian tyrant flew to the far east of his country take watch the live firing exercise in the Sea of Japan.
China’s contingent was led by the Type 055 destroyer Nanchang, the largest ship of its kind in the Chinese navy.
Beijing committed 2,000 troops and some 300 armoured vehicles, 21 fighter jets and three warships to the drills, according to Chinese media reports.

Beijing’s mouthpiece the Global Times said the manoeuvres marked the first time the country has sent all three branches of its military to take part in drills with Russia.
It dubbed the drill “show of breadth and depth” of the two countries’ military cooperation.
3The Russians boasted the missiles hit their targetsCredit: Newsflash

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