Poor Chris Hayes Feels Twitter Malaise

The conservative argument that our inaccurately named “mainstream media” are incurably liberal and biased has been dismissed by the media for decades as a shady tactic, as a way of “working the referees” to gain some kind of media advantage. This is a terrible analogy because no sports fan would ever accept referees as tilted as these people.

Exposing liberal bias is a conservative tactic — to persuade the public to be skeptical of the media elites and their claims to be “mainstream.” In more idealistic moments, these exposures are made in the hopes the media would respond by attempting to be fairer, more balanced, or more objective and accurate. You would hope, for example, for items like the belated and reluctant acknowledgement from “prestige media” outlets like CBS, The New York Times and The Washington Post that the Hunter Biden laptop was an authentic cache of documents and photographs, and not a Russ …

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