Only 29% Want Biden to Run in 24

According to one of America’s most accurate pollsters (i.e., not Fox News), only 29 percent of likely voters want His Fraudulency Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024.
Oh, and only 29 percent want Her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris to run in his place in 2024.
Meanwhile, 37 percent want to see former President Donald Trump run again in 2024, which is remarkable when you consider that he (allegedly) lost the 2020 election.
A full 59 percent of those polled say straight-up that they do not want to see Biden run again. A majority of 56 percent say the same about Harris, while 54 percent say the same about The Most Popular Politician In America.
The internals are even worse for Slow Joe. Only a plurality of Democrats — Democrats! — want Hunter’s dad to seek reelection. Forty-eight percent of Democrats say yes to a second term, while 33 percent say no.
It gets worse. Much worse…
Only 39 percent of black voters want Joe to run again, while a majority of 52 percent say no.
Black voters should be the most impenetrable part of Biden’s vote, but a majority want someone else.
When asked if they want Kamala to run instead of Joe in 2024, a mere 50 percent of Democrats said yes, while 32 percent said no. Among black …

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