Police Officer Rescues Kidnapped Woman After Noticing 2 Words She Mouthed from Passenger Seat

A South Carolina police officer is being praised after aiding a woman who mouthed, “Help me,” during a routine traffic stop in Myrtle Beach on May 28.
The North Myrtle Beach police stated that officer Kayla Wallace was on patrol when she spotted a “white jeep disregard a red light at an intersection” at around 5:30 a.m.
Wallace approached the vehicle, finding a female driver and a male passenger.

“As she spoke with the vehicle’s occupants, she noticed the driver appeared distressed. While the male passenger wasn’t looking at the driver, the female silently mouthed ‘Help Me’ repeatedly,” the police department wrote.
[embedded content]Per CBS News, the officer wrote in the police report, “I gave loud orders for her to close t …

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