Police Find Murdered Elderly Couple, Then Rapper Walks Into Psych Ward Covered in Blood

A St. Louis-area rapper has been accused of murdering his grandparents during a psychotic episode and then walking into a psychiatric facility covered in their blood.
According to multiple reports, Donald and Kathy McRoberts were found shot to death Tuesday in their trailer in the city of Troy, Missouri — which is located about 30 miles from St. Louis.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported a relative of the couple became concerned after no one had heard from either of them.

During a welfare check on behalf of the family member, police found their bodies.
The couple’s grandson, 25-year-old Davionne McRoberts, was quickly identified as what police called a person of interest. An extensive manhunt was conducted to find him.


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Davionne McRoberts uses the rap name “Woozy The Goat.”

Here is a picture of Davionne McRobert …

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