Man arrested for grabbing coffin…

Police have arrested a man who attempted to grab at the Queen’s coffin — in an incident which left mourners stunned.Officers tackled the man to the floor during the jaw-dropping incident, which took place around 10pm at Westminster Hall on Friday.It is believed the man pushed through a queue of mourners, among them a seven-year-old girl, rushed up to coffin and tried to lift the royal standard. He is then thought to have put his hands on the Queen’s casket.Footage before and after the incident shows the Royal Standard, the official flag of the sovereign, has been moved.The Queen has been lying in state at Westminster Hall since Wednesday, when her coffin was brought from Buckingham Palace to the historic venue to allow people to come and pay their respects. Did you see the incident at Westminster Hall or do you know the man involved? Contact:   [email protected] Advertisement
Hundreds of thousands of respectful mourners are thought to have passed through the hall in the last two days, despite queues times stretching up to 24 hours.But mourners were left visibly shocked during Friday night’s incident — which took place just hours after King Charles and his family held a vigil in honour of the Queen.Alongside siblings Anne, Andr …

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