Pastor Issues Powerful Statement After His Daughter Is Identified as One of the Victims in Christian School Shooting

The senior pastor at the Nashville church and school that was targeted by a mass shooter on Monday confirmed in a statement that his daughter was among three children who were killed by the suspect.
Six people died when transgender shooter Audrey Hale targeted the school on Monday morning.
Police acted quickly to locate and kill Hale in the school, but three children and three adults lost their lives after Hale shot her way into the building.

The victims have been confirmed as Hallie Scruggs, Evelyn Dieckhaus and William Kinney, who were each nine.
Mike Hill, Katherine Koonce and Cynthia Peak, who were faculty members, also lost their lives.


9‑Year-Old Victim of Christian School Shooting Used Last Moments Trying to Save Others from Killer

In a statement obtained by WKRN-TV in Nashville, pastor Chad Scruggs said his family is “he …

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