Parents Speak Out After Teen Daughter Dies from ‘Chroming’ — Latest Alarming Social Media Trend

Two parents are speaking out after their teenage daughter was tragically killed trying the latest social media trend.
Esra Haynes of Melbourne, Australia, had been at a sleepover on March 31 when she entered cardiac arrest.
At first, her friends thought she was having a panic attack. Little did they know, her body was beginning to shut down, according to the Australian news program “A Current Affair.”

Haynes had allegedly been “chroming” before the incident.
Popularized by social media, chroming involves huffing aerosol deodorant for a high.


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Haynes was rushed to the emergency room, yet her parents were still hopeful.
“We thought we’d bring her home,” said Andrea Haynes, Esra’s mother.

After being placed on life support for eight days, her parents made the tough decision when they learned Esra’s brain was “damaged beyond repair.”
“She was put onto a bed so we could lay with her. We cuddled her until the end,” Paul Haynes, Esra’s father told “A Current Affair. …

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