Ouch: Biden’s Own Hometown Has Gone Cold on Him, Establishment Media Reporter Discovers

President Joe Biden often invokes his rust belt roots in moments of political convenience by referencing his hometown Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Other times he’s a bumbling career politician from the corporate tax haven that is called Delaware.
According to Reuters reporter Jarrett Renshaw, who recently spoke to dozens of people in Scranton, many in the city are hesitant to blindly support a Biden bid for a second White House term.

A highway and two streets in the city are named after the president, and there is a considerable amount of support for him there.
But Renshaw filed a report on Wednesday that shows many people there are outright concerned about Biden continuing to carry the mantle for the Democratic Party.


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“Despite those strong ties, interviews with about two dozen Scranton voters show many harbor deep concerns about Biden running again,” Renshaw wrote.
He noted Biden is already the country’s oldest president at age 80, and will not be getting any younger. That is a fact not lost …

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