One Passenger Dead, Dozens Injured After Boeing Jet Hits ‘Severe Turbulence’

One person was killed and more than two dozen others were injured during an international flight from London to Singapore when the Boeing aircraft they were aboard experienced “severe turbulence” on Tuesday.
Singapore Airlines said Tuesday that a Boeing 777–300ER it operates left London’s Heathrow Airport bound for its country of origin when it experienced a rough patch and was forced to land in Thailand, NBC News reported.
While in transit, turbulence injured 30 passengers and left one of them dead.

That person, a reported British national aged 73, was not identified, and a heart attack was suspected as the cause of death.
In total, 18 people were hospitalized when Singapore Airlines Flight 321 landed in Bangkok. Twelve other passengers were receiving treatments at local hospitals.

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Singapore Airlines said, “The remaining passengers and crew are being examined …

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