Officials Issue Warning Not to Touch Chinese Spy Balloon Debris

Local officials in North and South Carolina issued warnings to locals not to touch a suspected Chinese spy balloon that was shot down by U.S. jets over the Atlantic Ocean.
If debris from the balloon washes ashore, people should contact local authorities. Warnings were issued by local municipalities over the weekend after the balloon went down on Saturday afternoon.
“Please be advised we are aware of the destruction of the balloon that was over the ocean near our City,” said the North Myrtle Beach Police Department in a statement. “Pieces of this balloon are being collected by the U.S. military however it is possible some of those pieces may wash ashore. Any stray pieces are expected in the NC area but could wash ashore in [North Myrtle Beach].”
“If a piece is located please contact your local law enforcement agency for collection,” according to the statement. “Debris sho …

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