NYC’s 2 Bros Ends Famous $1 Slices, Raises Price to $1.50 Due to Inflation

Party’s over, bros. 

One of the Big Apple’s most recognizable pizza joints is jacking up the price of its famous $1 slice — breaking the hearts of poor college students everywhere.

2 Bros. Pizza announced the death of the deliciously dirt-cheap delicacy, saying it was forced to up the once-affordable option to $1.50 to take a bite out of inflation costs. 

“Over the past few years, we had done everything in our power to keep the cheese slices at $1 while refusing to compromise on our quality,” co-owner Eli Halali told The Post on Monday. 

“We were no longer able to break even.”

Nick Seitz brushed off the price change at 2 Bros. Pizza, which ditched its dollar slices because of inflation. Tamara Beckwith/N.Y.Post

The cost of cheese was a big driver in the price hikes, co-owner Eli Halali told The Post. Tamara Beckwith/N.Y.Post

Halali had already raised prices to $1.50 at several o …

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