NYC Mayor Appears to Snub Biden Multiple Times as President Visits City

President Joe Biden’s refusal to close the country’s southern border has had ramifications far from the communities in places such as Texas that are dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants.
The president’s border crisis has apparently sparked a political crisis in New York City, where open-borders Democrats are dealing with more than 100,000 foreign nationals who have no business being in the country and are a strain on the city’s public resources.
Biden is in the Big Apple to address the United Nations and meet with other world leaders gathered for the international organization’s opening week.

He’s also doing some campaign fundraising during the visit that ends Wednesday. Mayor Eric Adams was invited to Biden fundraisers, as well as a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but won’t be attending, Politico reported.
Adams, who has spent recent weeks and months predicting a perilous future …

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