NYC Buses Illegal Immigrant Squatters From Hotel

A standoff in NYC  between police and far-left protestors outside of The Watson Hotel who demanded that single male illegal immigrants be allowed to remain for free in the $450 per night hotel ended on Wednesday night after police bussed out those illegal immigrants remaining outside of the hotel in a makeshift encampment.According to NBC 4, police told the illegal immigrants that they needed to leave, with around 30 migrants being bused away from the Manhattan hotel. City sanitation workers came shortly after the area was vacated to clean up the sidewalk. 

26-year-old Venezuelan immigrant Jefferson Gonzalez told the Daily Mail, “I am very ashamed and embarrassed because we are not in a position to demand. They make us all Venezuelans look bad and we are not all the same.” 

“Since some of us don’t have work. We are here for now, but we do not have options,” Gonzalez said. “Tomorrow when we want to get ahead and get a job it could be difficult because these people left us in a bad position in front of the whole world.” 

Most of the illegal immigrants outside of the hotel were bused to an immigrant housing facility in Brooklyn. Mayor Eric Adams, who has said his city has proven too crime-ridde …

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