NPR Sets Up Hotline So Employees Can Tattle on Anti Mask-Mandate Violators

The woke media just won’t let the Wuhan Coronavirus go. NPR sent out a blast email to its employees reminding them of their very strict mask-policy that is still in place. They even went as far as setting up a hotline for employees to call so they can tattle on their colleagues who do follow the extreme rules. According to a memo obtained by former CNN media reporter Dylan Byers, employees at the liberal media company will face serious “discipline and even termination” if caught without a mask. Despite no U.S. states currently imposing indoor mask mandates, the rule is being enforced at offices around the country, including its D.C. headquarters. The memo titled, Safety Protocol Reminders and Tips Enforcement, actually includes a guideline for employees to use while confronting their rational, maskless colleagues. “If you noti …

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