North Korea is Blaming South Korea – Not China – for Chinese Coronavirus Outbreak

The Rodong Sinmun state newspaper of North Korea published the results of an alleged “investigation” into the origins of the ongoing Chinese coronavirus epidemic in the country on Friday blaming the entry of the disease into the country on “alien things” from South Korea.
The communist regime in North Korea spent most of the past two years insisting that it had not documented a single case of Chinese coronavirus in the country, despite its notoriously porous border with China along the Yalu River. The Chinese coronavirus originated in Wuhan, central China, in late 2019 and areas bordering North Korea – such as the Liaoning and Jilin provinces – experienced severe surges in coronavirus cases repeatedly since the pandemic began.
While China has officially documented fewer coronavirus cases than South Korea – Seoul has as of press time over 18 million coronavirus cases – extensive reporting and admissions by Chinese officials indicate that the Communist Party of China has dramatically undercounted the number of coronavirus cases within its borders.
North Korean regime officials traced the infections back to Kangwon province, near the South Korean border, Rodong Sinmun claimed on Friday.
“The investigation results showed that several persons coming from the area of Ipho-ri in Kumgang County of Kangwon Province to the capital city in mid-April were in fever,” the state propaganda outlet relayed, “and a sharp increase of fever cases was witnessed among their co …

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