US aid to Afghanistan to Taliban?

Nonprofit groups are warning that American aid intended to assist the people of Afghanistan is instead being misappropriated by the Taliban. The situation in Afghanistan has steadily deteriorated since President Biden’s hasty withdrawal last summer, with new reports showing widespread hunger and insecurity among the general population.The United Nations has, in response, urged wealthy nations to contribute to the humanitarian effort to provide assistance to those in need, seeking nearly $5 billion.The Taliban recently expressed a desire to play a greater role in the distribution of foreign aid to Afghanistan, leading to a discussion over how aid should be best provided by foreign nations. Some groups are warning though that despite the US’ best intentions, aid is likely to end up in the hands of the Taliban, with ordinary citizens not seeing any of it.As Fox News reports, nonprofit Save Our Allies says US aid will likely end up supplying the Taliban with food, while the people of Afghanistan continue to suffer.Save Our Allies programs manager Sean Kilbrane suggests instead that “allocating portions to our nonprofits and organizations, here at home who are working on this, would make a [greater impact],” adding that the humanitarian aid i …

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