Newsom’s Father-in Law Claims DeSantis Lied About Him During Debate: ‘Slimeball Move’

The father-in-law of California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom attacked Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, who divulged a personal conversation the two shared during a nationally televised debate last week.
DeSantis and Newsom argued for 90 minutes on Fox News on Thursday during a debate about the future of the country.
Both men pointed to the their states as models for how the country should be run.

During one moment while DeSantis was discussing the Californians seeking shelter in states such as his from crime and taxes, he invoked Newsom’s in-laws — who are residents of Naples, Florida, and have been since 2020.
“I was talking to a fella who had made the move to California to Florida, and he was telling me that Florida was much better governed, safer, better budget, lower taxes, all this stuff. And he’s really happy with the quality of life,” DeSantis said during the debate.

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