New Report Showcases Just How Tense Things Have Gotten Between Sinema and the Democrats

Kyrsten Sinema is at it again.
The U.S. senator from Arizona clashed bitterly with her Democratic colleagues last year over major issues, including abolishing the filibuster and approving the spending bill.
Then she rocked the political boat again in December when she announced she was leaving the party and registering as an independent.

Now, she’s been widely quoted delivering a stinging criticism to those same Democrats while being wooed by Republicans.
“As she races to stockpile campaign money and post an impressive, statement-making first-quarter fundraising number, Sinema has used a series of Republican-dominated receptions and retreats this year to belittle her Democratic colleagues, shower her GOP allies with praise and, in one case, quite literally give the middle finger to President Joe Biden’s White House,” Politico’s senior political columnist Jonathan Martin wrote Thursday.


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Martin quoted Sinema’s colorful explanation as to why she …

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