Nashville School Shooter Had Connection to One of the Victims, Appeared to Be Searching for Pastor: Report

A former pastor connected with the Nashville, Tennessee, elementary school in which six people were killed Monday said he believes shooter Audrey Hale had a connection to the Christian school that could have impacted the horrific events.
Jim Bachmann, who once worked at The Covenant School, told Inside Edition that the school’s current pastor, Chad Scruggs, had provided Hale with some form of counseling.
The 28-year-old shooter, who attended the school as a girl but later identified as male, was shot and killed by police after a murderous rampage that claimed the lives of three 9‑year-old children and three adults.

Hallie Scruggs — the pastor’s daughter — was among the children killed in the attack.

The 9‑year-old daugh …

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