Musk: Unresolved Issues Over Twitter Deal

Billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk said Tuesday there remain several unresolved matters with his bid to buy Twitter, including the coming together of the debt part of the transaction, the outcome of a shareholder vote, and the number of spam users on the platform.Musk, who has offered to buy Twitter in a transaction worth around $44 billion, made the remarks while speaking at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, responding to questions about the status of the deal.
The world’s wealthiest man—according to Forbes—teed up his response with the caveat that there are limits to what he can say publicly as it’s “somewhat of a sensitive matter” and that he wanted to reduce the risk of being sued.
“I would like to be measured in my responses here such as not to generate incremental lawsuits,” Musk said.
A group of Twitter shareholders last month filed a lawsuit against Musk and Twitter’s board over the deal, claiming Musk violated California corporate laws and manipulated markets by sowing doubt over whether he’d finalize the purchase.
The lawsuit relates to Musk saying he was putti …

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