MSNBC’s Joy Reid Just Thrilled That Florida Has to Ask for Federal Aid Due to Hurricane Ian

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid seemingly took joy in the federal aid Florida will be receiving amid Hurricane Ian, smiling while reporting on the subject Thursday.
Reid invited her guest, former Florida Rep. David Jolly, who was a Republican but has since left the party, to discuss Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s voting history on federal aid during natural disasters. DeSantis served in Congress alongside the two-term representative Jolly, who lost to then-Democratic congressional candidate Charlie Crist in 2016. Crist is now DeSantis’s opponent in the 2022 gubernatorial race.
“The heat’s coming because this is a governor who is the administrator of an economy on the brink of collapse, who has spent money on priorities that don’t support Floridians,” Jolly said. “And while today we focus on his executive …

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