MSNBC Struggles With Election Results in Laughable Fashion

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Editor’s Note: This latest edition of Brad Slager’s “Riffed from the Headlines” is open to all!Help Townhall continue to expose the left-wing media’s bias and report the truth about the 2022 midterms. Join Townhall VIP and use promo code VIPWEEK to get 45% off your VIP membership.11.09.22Presentation Paradox – MSNBCDeSantis could become labeled as a “Cognizance-Blocker.“We all are aware of the media having an inherent disgust toward Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. It is as if the mere mention of his name creates such an emotional adrenal rush that pragmatic thought is clouded in an instant.Last night on MSNBC, the panelists were faced with his victory for reelection, where he stomped Charlie Crist like an undercover FBI agent at a Hell’s Angels rally. For reasons defying – well, reason – the producers felt it was a wise idea to have Joy Reid join the live coverage of the election. When presented with the numbers showing DeSantis winning in historically Democrat-leaning Miami-Dade county, Ms. Joy felt the need to be dismissive of this very impressive accomplishment, trying desperately to sound as if she knew what she was talking about. For the record: Joy Reid did n …

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