MSNBC Host’s Insane COVID Rant

I don’t know how the folks at Newsbusters handle MSNBC. These guys watch it every day. It was already terrible in 2012—it has become much worse obviously. Tracking liberal media bias deserves hazard pay post-2016. So, what do we have on the menu today? Oh, only MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggesting that the unvaccinated should be paid less for not kowtowing to Herr Fauci and the increasingly authoritarian measures being used to combat a virus with a 99 percent survivability rate. It was unhinged. Reid had some COVID panic porn Dr. Lipi Roy, who pretty much says that the unvaccinated should be triaged in a way that denies them immediate care. Curtis Houck clipped the insanity—and even included the transcript. MSNBC’s Joy Reid proposes that unvaccinated Americans be paid less in the workplace (regardless of what their job is), face higher insurance …

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