Damning Uvalde Shooting Details

A Uvalde police officer aimed his rifle at the Robb Elementary gunman before he entered the school but waited for a supervisor’s permission to open fire, according to a new report obtained Wednesday by the American-Statesman and KVUE-TV about the police response during the massacre that killed 19 children and two teachers.The officer did not hear a response “and turned to get confirmation from his supervisor,” according to the report by the San Marcos-based Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training. “When he turned back to address the suspect, the suspect had already entered (the school).”The revelation is among multiple new disclosures about mistakes and missteps responding officers made during the May 24 tragedy, going against best national practices and potentially endangering the lives of fellow officers, the report said. It concluded that because of the flawed response, “while we do not have definitive information at this point, it is possible that some of the people who died during this event could have been saved.”More:Why does federal law make it easier for 18-year-olds to buy AR-15s than handguns?The 28-page report, sought by the Texas Department of Public Safety, continues to widen the lens on what happened that tra …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: