More Americans Need to Show Some Texas-Sized Patriotism

While much of the country struggled through cold, wintery weather last week, I had the opportunity to enjoy a balmy celebration of the inauguration of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. The event was spectacular. It reminded me why Texas is so unique, uniquely American and why we need to keep Texas, Texas. It reminded me why 11 million people moved to Texas in the past two years; and why more Americans need to foster and display a Texas-sized patriotism for America and all she stands for.

One aspect of Texas on full display throughout the day was the heritage and history that unite Texans. While people from around the country and the world now call Texas home, Texans have a strong sense of shared identity. Texans proudly recite their own Texas pledge and sing state songs—more than one! Texans know what makes their state special, and they celebrate it!There …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: