Modern Marvel in a Nutshell: Fans More Thrilled About Gay Superhero Couple Than an Actual Plot

It’s been a rough time for longtime X‑Men fans.
Despite the 2019 soft reboot of the comic book franchise (the “House of X” and “Powers of X” arcs that introduced a new status quo for Marvel’s mutants) being wildly popular and well-received, a number of other creative decisions by Marvel have left some die-hard fans scratching their heads.
Take, for instance, the ongoing discourse over the first lesbian wedding in Marvel history.

‘X‑Men: The Wedding Special’ celebrates Mystique and Destiny for ‘Marvel’s Voices: Pride!’ See the happy couple on @Janbazaldua67’s cover, coming this May:
— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) February 21, 2024

Two Fan-Favorite ‘NCIS’ Characters Returning to Star in Their Own Spinoff

Not even getting into whatever issues one may …

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