Mitch Daniels for Senate in 2004!

Indiana politics is probably, maybe, very important to … Indianans (Indians? Warrrenses?), but this sturdy Midwest flyover state is rarely the battlefield for an important fight for the direction of the GOP and the country. Today is an exception. With its current senator, Republican Mike Somebody, going home to be governor, the Senate seat will be open in 2024 and folks are gearing up to run. The race is important because who gets nominated and wins will help define the direction of the Republican Party. Will it be someone who knows what time it is, or someone whose watch stopped about the time W was wrecking the GOP brand?

I would like to announce my endorsement of Mitch Daniels for Indiana senator in 2004. At 73, he’s the perfect blend of mediocrity and self-sabotaging pseudo-principle for that miserable era. But in 2024, not a chance in hell. I’ll stick with based, vigorous 43-year-old Rep. …

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