Missouri Teen Kaylee Gain Makes Shocking Recovery After Brutal Fight that Left Her in Coma — ‘Power of Prayer’

The Missouri teenager whose life appeared to be shattered when she was reduced to a twitching wreck after her head was slammed into the pavement during a March 8 fight is making strides toward recovery.
In March, a viral video showed Maurnice DeClue and Kaylee Gain fighting, with DeClue getting the better of the punches and then slamming Gain’s head into the pavement over and over.
DeClue is facing an assault charge and a hearing to determine whether the 15-year-old will be tried as an adult for her battle with the 16-year-old Gain.

Closed head injuries can last a lifetime. Glad she’s improving, but she’ll never be the same.
Kaylee Gain is walking, ‘greatly improved’ less than 2 months a …

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