Missing 17-Year-Old Girl Found Dead After ‘Devastating, Mind-Blowing’ Discovery Next Door Brings Months-Long Search to an End

On Tuesday, sheriff’s investigators in Rush County, Indiana, discovered the remains of 17-year-old Valerie Tindall, missing since June 7.
According to WRTV-TV in Indianapolis, investigators made the gruesome discovery on the property of 59-year-old Patrick Scott, the victim’s neighbor and employer. Police took Scott into custody.
Shena Sandefur, Tindall’s mother, called the news “Devastating, mind-blowing.”

Tindall’s parents learned of the discovery from sheriff’s office investigators.
“My daughter didn’t deserve this, and we just want answers as to why,” Tindall’s mother said.

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By Wednesday, answers remained elusive, though Sandefur painted a curious portrait of her daughter’s alleged killer.
“She and him had a bond. They were friends. She worked for him, but she also hung out with his family. His granddaughter was her friend, and we went places with them,” Sandefur said of her daughter and Scott.

Shortly before her disappearance, Tindall told her mother that Scott had added the 17-year-old g …

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