Meddling Dems Gave Us Some Tremendous GOP Nominees

Let me just say a heartfelt “thank you” to whoever the Democrat was who came up with the idea of spending almost $50 million in the Republican primaries to influence who our candidates would be. There was a good chance some squishy Mitt Romney-type “moderates” would win in those primaries, thanks to you we ended up with solid conservatives. Thank you very much.

I know it bothers you that Kari Lake ended up being the best candidate for any office across the country this cycle rather than the drooling Neanderthal you thought she was. Were it not for your meddling, she might not have won the nomination. Honestly, it’s a shame she’s up against Katie Hobbs for governor of Arizona. Hobbs is one of the worst, least charismatic life forms since the Pet Rock. On the other hand, Lake is a rock star. No other candidate has handled the media the way she has. Having been a long-time ne …

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